Sustainability in everything we do

Tomorrow's mobility network, built for sustainable collaboration.

Sustainability in everything we do

We use technology to create a more sustainable future

Our goal is to reduce the impact on the environment by maximizing global fleet utilization together with our partners.


Through our digital platform for sustainable collaboration, Fleetstep contributes in resource management by increasing the utilization of already existing resources.


We believe in the opportunity to increase revenues for our partners through innovative solutions, reduce financial risk, and reduce cost as an effect of lower production needs.


By transforming the way we use our means of transport, our platform contributes to changing the infrastructure of the future. Through sharing, we increase availability.

Illusttration: Car driving in the mountains

Sustainable development goals

Sustainability goal number 9

The team behind Fleetstep is creating the digital foundation of the future, an infrastructure for the automotive industry where our systems enable optimization of a global fleet management. Our platform developed to meet the demand for restructuring in the business sector in order to become more sustainable by 2030, we are focusing on automated processes combined with innovation.

Sustainability goal number 12

By offering our services and tailor-made solutions for car subscriptions, fleet management, for both companies and the private market, our platform contributes to a circular economy and reuse of already existing resources such as car sharing, car rental and flexible leasing product. Improved utilization and profitability, helps to reduce the need for overproduction.

Illustration: Car and person using a phone
Sustainability goal number 13

The average use of a car today is between 30 minutes and 1 hour per. day. This means that a car owner only uses the car around 2-4% or less for an entire year. There is 96-98% unused time where the car could have been used by other drivers in society, where we can jointly contribute to reduced production, reuse of already existing resources, and at the same time generated an income from the resources we have. Let us rather share, reduce our costs, and together make a positive impact on the environment!

Sustainability goal number 17

Our platform has been developed with a strong focus on sustainable interaction between different actors. It will be everything from car sharing, subscription services, third-party partners for optimizing daily operations, or our unique marketplace for fleet sharing. This feature is a central part of our fleet management platform, with advanced sharing, forecasting of upcoming needs, where optimization of existing fleet is key. Reduce financial risk by sharing, increase profits by improving the utilization of the global fleet.