About us

We have a vision and a goal to create a world-leading platform for car fleet sharing in the corporate market. Together with our partners, investors, and customers, we will facilitate optimal utilization of the global car fleet through cooperation, partnerships and innovative solutions that meet the car services of the future. We want to link the industry more closely together, reduce financial risk for our partners with the aim of reducing production by creating a more sustainable and profitable operation through reuse and optimal utilization of already existing but unused resources.

photo of our offices at Hagaløkkveien

Who we are

All our people are really passionate about what they do. A culture that motivates, where you can be you self. We are curious, innovative and have fun at work! We are convinced that our culture helps to create committed people and inspires to make a change!

Photo of Anders

Anders Eidval


Anders has broad experience from project management, strategic planning, and have been involved in development of innovating products within replacement car, car rental and mobility services.

Photo of Bendik

Bendik Aune

Lead Developer

Bendik has long experience as a software developer and has worked extensively with both front-end and back-end, but also software architecture. Although Bendik is comfortable in the entire development stack, it is with architecture and integration that he thrives best.

Photo of Frank

Frank Johansen

Creative Leader

Frank has worked with both large and small companies. Has great expertise in design, UI/UX, web design, apps, product development and idea and product creation. He is CEO of Adera and working as a project manager for Fleetstep. Frank love to work with people and development.

Photo of Eirik

Eirik Kvarstein

Senior full stack developer

Eirik has been programming since junior high school, and enjoys learning new languages and technologies. He has experience with backend development in Go, Java, Node and C #, frontend development in React, Angular and Vue, and mobile development in Flutter, React-Native and Xamarin. Eirik is concerned with "clean code" and will always strive for a tidy code base.

Photo of Torstein

Torstein Alvern

Full stack developer

Torstein thrives best with programming that includes 3D, AR, MR and VR. He is best in C #, but also masters C / C ++, and Java. He is especially happy to work with interactive products where you get the customer's attention. Torstein also has a good eye for aesthetics and design and is more than happy to contribute in this part of the work.

Photo of Dejan

Dejan Krunic

Project manager

Dejan is a problem solver with a great drive and passion for everything that has to do with technology. Dejan has extensive experience in everything from managing projects from A to Z, to product development and development of complete business models. He enjoys working with people, exchanging ideas and thoughts, and creating something new and useful.

Our values


Fleetstep aspires to be at the lead of our industry towards a more sustainable future. With great design and innovation solutions we seek to change the industry with technology that inspires to reduce and reuse. Our goal is to increased profit for our partners, reduce the global CO2 footprint, and generate more value for our society.


The people behind Fleestep have the courage and eagerness to make a difference. We see an industry in need of a change, and we naturally think, let`s just do something about it! So, with a fantastic team behind us, with both innovating and game changing solutions, we are ready to make a change.


At Fleetstep we believe that a strong innovation culture is the engine that drives the organization to continuously get better, move forward, and transform. We have a tolerance for failure, willingness to experiment, and the persistence to succeed.